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 Institute of Health and Contemplative Studies About page

About the Institute of Health and Contemplative Studies

The Centre of Experiential Learning, formerly IHCS, recently established, comprises a group of people from different backgrounds with a common interest in the philosophy and phenomenology of healing practices and of the contemplative experience.

Our work is based on humanities, health science and contemplative techniques with the purpose of developing, through guidance and support, an experiential way of developing conscious awakening and awareness in every area of life.

What We Provide

We provide a range of practical skills orientated educational programmes, retreats and support programmes in the area of complimentary health practices, psychotherapeutic interventions and in contemplative studies.

Complimentary health practices include healing practices such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Chi Kung exercises while programmes such as Working with the Inner Child and Cognitive Behaviour for Personal Effectiveness  provide us with a more complete understanding of ourselves and our relationships  within the context of  therapeutic theoretical frameworks.

Contemplative Studies are also recognised  as a key and component part of the Institute’s work programmes. This is an exciting and emerging discipline, morphed from earlier contemplative and religious practices and experiences and is closely linked to the areas of consciousness, mysticism and psychology.  It includes practices traditionally associated with contemplation such as meditation, prayer and silent time but combines these with non-religious practices such as drama, poetry, painting and mindfulness in order to modernise and maximise the effectiveness of contemplative and introspective practice.

The complimentary health practices, therapeutic encounters or contemplative studies can be used separately or in combination to advance individual and/or professional goals which enhance physical well-being, mental health, personal confidence and spiritual awareness/development.


Our Aim and Approach

Our aim is

To foster in individuals and in society the skills, knowledge, attitudes and approaches that enhance capacity and potential for living.

Our approach is to ensure that

  • participants engaged with the Institute’s work will have opportunities to learn techniques that increase their well-being and their awareness and which enable them to act more consciously in order to optimise their intra-and interpersonal communication skills and work related practices.
  • Individuals will be supported through the Institute’s programmes with a conducive space to learn, share, re-energise, update and expand their worldview so that they can reconnect with their own creativity, intelligence and spirit.
  • Programmes are delivered in a learner-centred manner which is experience-based, problem orientated and collaborative as well as experiential, and very much in the spirit of the humanist approach to learning and education.
  • Classes, workshops and study groups will focus on the works of theorists and contemplative masters in order to enrich intellectual understanding and experiential knowledge of these disciplines.