Meet The Team

Course Director: Christine Beekman  is both nationally and internationally recognised as a leading practitioner and mentor in the area of alternative therapy provision.  For over four decades she worked with groups and individuals to help them develop their skills and approaches to engaging with those for whom the provision of differing therapies has shown immense benefits. A senior lecturer with Irish College of Humanities &Applied Sciences, she is an accredited hypnotherapist/psychotherapist.  Internationally she has worked with and for a number of organisations including the Focusing Institute (USA). She specialises in the areas of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Management of Stress and Trauma and Subconscious  Awareness.

 Patricia Jordan is a professional psychotherapist who works with individuals and groups in the private and public sector. She specialises in community based interventions, including focussed supports to those affected by family violence. She has a unique approach to engaging with people that centres on individuals examining their own personal life’s journey and on the exploration of options available to them as part of this process, ensuring enhancement of depth and meaning at both a spiritual and personal level.


Dr Jane Alexander  has spent most of her working life engaged in  the understanding and development of services focused on Mental Health provision, both in England and Ireland. She has worked both as a practitioner within the Mental Health Services and as an academic, focusing on acute mental health care and the relationship between severe life events and depression.

She  has published widely on the subject and is recognised as a leading expert in the area, specializing in the area of mens’ mental health.  She has held senior lecturing positions both in England and Ireland, including Trinity College, Dublin.  Now residing in the West of Ireland she works as Director of Undergraduate Studies with the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS) in Limerick.

Jane in all her workshops utilizes a unique style and a practical approach to ensure all participants are  meaningfully  engaged  and  the work is relevant, whether they are personally affected by the issues discussed or are professionals who seek to learn more on the subject to be considered.  Either way participants in her workshops are never disappointed.

Ailbe Coffey is a psychotherapist  specialising in his private practice in the areas of Emotional Support, Counselling Therapy and Clinical Supervision since 2002. As a  senior lecturer with the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences he  lectures in Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Gestalt therapy and in  Solution Focussed Brief Therapy. His style and approach provides an unique insight into both the theory and application of modern approaches to psychotherapeutic interventions for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists. A central focus of his approach is to enable intending or qualified professional practitioners to integrate key skills in a range of selected areas to achieve desired outcomes. He has formerly worked in industry for over 15 years at senior management level and uses this insight and knowledge of industry to ground the practical application of his work.