Circle Dance – Meditation through Sound and Movement

Venue : Limerick – Walton House, Lonsdale road, Castletroy

Date     : TBA

Cost      : Euro 180

Number of Participants : 12-20

This workshop will revisit the main principles of meditation and concentrate on the benefits and practice of using sound and movement to reaching altered states of consciousness .  The use of vibrational sound waves combined with movement have long been recognised as tools for reducing stress, reach a state of deep relaxation and to promote feelings of peace and wellbeing.   The rhythmic beat of drums, the sound of chimes and the use of the human voice all create sound waves that have been recognised to carry us to the spiritual planes.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experientially work with various types of sound and will experience the power of mantra.  Spiritual mantra involves the conscious repetition of certain sounds that are appealing to the mind, that are conductive for creating a meditative state and have a transformative effect. Mantra can be replaced with positive affirmation  to represent a particular quality we want to infuse into the conscious mind or for developing certain virtues.  In a spiritual context, mantras have of course also been used to invoke certain aspects of God.  Participants will have the opportunity to work with their belief systems, discover their negative mantras and transform these into positive ones. By the end of the weekend students will have developed their personal mantra.


Meditative Movement has been defined as a new category of exercise that involves some form of movement combined with a focus on breathing and a cleared or calm state of mind with a goal of deep states of relaxation. It also has been recognised as a means to improve attitudes and emotions.


Circle Dance is one of the oldest ways in which people celebrate community and togetherness.  It is a way to find healing and relaxation by dancing for joy, for love, loss, the seasons and work, in compassion and caring.  As a creative art it uses dance as a language of personal, communal and global spiritual expression. There are many types of dances in the Circle Dance vocabulary, f.e. the dance associated with the Bach Flower Remedies which honours plants, trees and the connection with the natural world. Each flower has its own dance that can evoke its healing properties. The steps of the dances  are easy to learn and can be energetic and lively or gentle and reflective, depending on where the focus is placed on. The dances are relaxing, refreshing and meditative and all it needs is for participants to enter with an open heart.  Circle Dance has a spiritual connection but is not attributed to one or any religion.  Circle dance is suitable for all and requires no former experience of dance.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to :

–  experience the joy of dancing with others

–  create a sense of well-being by means of the reflective practice of dance and movement.