CBT Skills & Practices – Module 2

Venue : Walton House, Lonsdale Road, Castletroy, Limerick

Dates:   TBA

Weekend: TBA

Cost: 360.

This module is aimed at applying theoretical concepts and is therefore primarily practical in focus. It involves the exploration of the CBT model and the application of relevant cognitive and behavioural techniques. Students will be  taught how to critically evaluate the appropriateness of such interventions, based on case studies and experiential work undertaken in small group discussions in and outside of class time. Areas covered will include the practical application of the principles of CBT and REBT such as identifying and evaluating automatic thoughts and emotions, identifying and modifying intermediate and core beliefs, problem solving and decision making techniques, applied relaxation techniques, graded exposure, guided discovery, Socratic questioning, planning and conducting behavioural experiments, activity monitoring and rescheduling.

This module will interest students who have an understanding of the theories of CBT, have a general understanding and experience of working with people in a therapeutic context and wish to develop their current practice. For students who have not had the opportunity to learn basic counselling skills, an opportunity will be provided to do so through the non-compulsory counselling skills module.

Further details are available on the Practical Counselling Skills Module descriptor. This module, as part of the IHCS summer intensive programme in CBT will run over one weekend, starting Friday evening  and will continue all day Saturday and Sunday with assignments, (including evidence of a minimum 8 hours of practice with clients) to be completed within a three week period from the date the module commences. Students will also be assessed through a critical evaluation of their work.

Cost per module : €360