Applied CBT Techniques – Module 3

Venue : Walton House, Lonsdale Road, Castletroy, Limerick

Dates :  

Cost: €360.

This module is aimed at students who would like to develop competencies in more specialised areas of professional practice and will cover the process of CBT and structuring of sessions, explaining the rationale of CBT to clients, case formulation, assessment and functional analysis, goal and agenda setting, formulation of treatment plans, the therapeutic process itself as well as the therapeutic relationship, homework assignments and feedback, ending therapy. Ethical guidelines will also be addressed as well as the concept of supervision. Guidance will be provided in gaining an understanding of mental health and common psychological issues that can be addressed with CBT will also be discussed.

As for module two, this module will interest students who have an understanding of the theories of CBT and wish to develop their current practice.

This module, as part of the IHCS summer intensive programme in CBT will run over one weekend, starting Friday evening  and will continue all day Saturday and Sunday with assignments completed within a three week period from the date the module commences.

Cost per module : €360