Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Overview

A modular approach to developing key skills in CBT  – Starting Aug 2015.

The training programme in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been designed to enable students to develop competencies in the area of CBT. CBT has a wide evidence-base as a powerful intervention for mental health problems such as depression, panic attacks, OCD, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders among others and is also considered a useful technique for day to day living. This CBT training programme will cover these issues, placing CBT in context with other ‘talking’ therapies; it is highly interactive, providing students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to work in areas where CBT interventions are known to be effective.

It is designed to support those interested in or currently engaged in a broad range of health and social care settings, or those who wish to use the skills when working with people in a management context within their work environment. It is practically orientated and is aimed at supporting those interested in exploring the basics of CBT as well as those who currently practise in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy who may wish to broaden and enhance their skills base.

The programme consists of four modules, which can be taken independently and/or in sequence, depending on the students’ prior learning and experience of CBT and specific goals. Modules one and two  focus primarily on the general theory and practice of CBT while modules three and four support students in developing competencies in more specialised areas of professional practice.

A certificate of competence is awarded on completion of each module, while a Diploma is awarded to students who have successfully completed all four modules generally done over a period of one  academic year.

Entry Requirements

The programme has been designed to meet the specific needs of students depending on their current skills set in counselling and/or psychotherapy.

The Diploma – Modules 1 to 4 will be of interest to:

  1. those who have studied counselling and/or psychotherapy, are working or beginning to work as counselors and psychotherapists who wish to enhance their understanding and practical skills base in the area of CBT.
  2. those new to the area of counselling/psychotherapy, who wish to develop a specific skills set and practice in the specific area of CBT

Certificates in individual modules

Students/practitioners who already have studied  CBT in their preliminary qualification, may choose to engage in some but not all of the modules offered, for this reason each module is designed as an independent unit of study.  An IHCS certificate is provided on  the successful completion of each module.

Programme assessment methods have been designed to give learners the opportunity to demonstrate learning in different ways. Assessment strategies will include practical journals, essays, learning journals, examinations, reflective exercises and projects.

Academic Progression
Those who successfully complete this programme may progress to a range of other related and appropriate programmes across the Institute of Health and Contemplative Studies and the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences.

Award/Awarding Body

There are two types of awards e.g.:

•  A Certificate of attendance for each individual module studied with learning outcomes specified.

•  A IHCS Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy when all four modules have been completed.

Career Opportunities

Those who complete the programme will be able to demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development to potential employers. The programme may also add to existing qualifications that a learner  already has and thus enhances employment opportunities across a range of areas.

Class time, Assignments and Fees per module on this summer intensive programme


CBT Theory, Principles & Procedures

21 hours over 7 Mondays



Interpersonal Practice & Behavioural Techniques in CBT

21 hours over 7 Mondays



Applied CBT Techniques 1

21 hours over 7 Mondays



Applied CBT Techniques in Practice 2

21 hours over 7 Mondays


Fees are paid when booking for each module of the programme. Should you wish to discuss your entry point in the programme please feel free to contact us. Consideration is given to prior learning undertaken by our students.