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Focusing –  The Art of Communication

Venue:  Walton House, Lonsdale Road, Castletroy, Limerick

Date : TBA

Cost: Euro 180

Maximum No of Participants : 12-20

Focusing is a psychotherapeutic intervention that is both a natural and body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing. As a therapeutic tool applied to self or others it enables an individual to engage in an inner dialogue and to resolve issues that might otherwise interfere with  growth and learning.  It brings into consciousness what lies beneath the surface and which is not yet clear to the logical mind, paying attention to what is felt inside rather than what is ‘known’ and which is called the ‘felt sense’. Through providing a space for linking in with that ‘felt sense’ individuals find they are more open to new insights and unexpected possibilities; this in turn, may give rise to a change in inner experiences or behaviour.

In this workshop Participants will learn to get in touch with their own ‘felt sense’ and to explore methods to engage in dialogue with this inner knowing in order to achieve resolution and change. They will gain new insights into emotional healing and growth and also learn how to guide another person through the step-by-step program, using gentle facilitating techniques to support them in this process.

The workshop is primarily experiential and over the course of the two-day workshop, participants will learn :

  • To apply the theoretical principles of Focusing
  • To experience and be in touch with the Felt Sense
  • To apply the different steps of the Focusing technique to oneself
  • To guide others in the Focusing process
  • To explore the inner landscape by means of art and music
  • To use Focusing as a technique for communicating with children
  • To use Focusing as a technique for conflict resolution.

The workshop will be of interest to the general public and to those who have a professional interest in working with adults or with children. The focussing skills learned can be applied to many areas of personal and professional life, including psychotherapy, philosophy, parenting, education, health care, management skills, writing and other creative arts.