Lead By: Denis Alexander

Venue: Walton House, Lonsdale Road. Castletroy, Limerick

Date : Saturday & Sunday, dates to be advised

Time: 10.00 to 5.00

Cost:  €140

No of Participants : 12 -20

Psychosynthesis offers a framework that enables a more complete understanding of ourselves, our capacities, and our relationships, and uses skills and techniques to help us deal with these effectively and safely.  It is a distinct form of psychotherapy, developed by Italian psychiatrist, Robert Assaglioli, (1988-1974) in that it introduces a spiritual consciousness of the Self. Assaglioli maintained that as humans we have an innate need to be seen as unique individuals but, as children growing up, we often lose our sense of authentic self and may become disempowered or  split from day-to-day awareness.

As a result we may  find ourselves in crisis when reaching Adulthood, wondering how we drifted off course. The work undertaken in Psychosynthesis is directed to support us, as individuals, to  develop a sense of will, of integration with the self and with spiritual awakening and transformation.

The workshop is participative in nature and while open to the public, will be of particular interest to those working in the area  of counselling,  social work,  and education.

Participants will learn :

  • Principles of Psychosynthesis
  • Dynamics of the lower unconscious and the Superconscious
  • Awareness and Will
  • Subpersonality theory and application