Inner Child Work

Lead by : Christine Beekman


Venue:  Ichas, Walton House, Lansdale Road, Castletroy, Limerick

Dates: TBA


Venue: TBA.      Dates: Sat 29th and Sun 30 June

Cost: Euro 180


The Inner-Child is the part of ourselves where our feelings live. We all have situations in our lives which develop in unresolved trauma and the gradual accumulation of  unfinished mental and emotional business can lead to anxiety, fear, confusion and unhappiness. Things that happened to us in childhood remain unhealed in most of us and contribute to conflicts and problems we experience as adults. The natural defense mechanism of the Inner Child is to avoid painful experiences and to withdraw from ourselves. This course will help you to re-parent and reclaim your inner child so that we can heal the unconscious beliefs we carry about ourselves and re-evaluate and transfer them. This is a very intense workshop that is ideal for people who want to discover and empower themselves so they can reach their highest potential and heal their relationships with themselves and others.


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