Mother and Daughter Relationships

mothers and daughtersCapturing and interpreting inherited self-images

Facilitator : Christine Beekman 

Dates :    TBA

Times :    10.00am -4,00pm

 Venue:   TBA

Cost:   TBA

Maximum number of participants : 20

Mother and daughter relationships are often complex. Growing up, our mother’s own self-image has impacted on all of us, both on a conscious and unconscious level. While the effect of this differs for each individual, it can have an influence, both positive and limiting, on a daughters’ self image, self-esteem, behavior, and how she thinks and acts in life.

In this experiential workshop Christine Beekman will encourage participants to identify and explore the family messages relating to mothers and daughters and how this has impacted on their internal belief systems and on their lives.  Participants will be supported to work on hidden negative scripts and messages that may keep them from reaching their full potential.

Techniques used in this Workshop, will be based on the concept of Winnicott’s ‘good enough mother’ which states that it is not necessary to be a perfect mother and to recognize that any issues in this respect can either be repaired or accepted.

Participants who are interested to extend the experience into Sunday will have the opportunity to celebrate the richness and beauty of mother/daughter relationships.

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