Working With Dreams Weekend Workshop

Venue : Greenhills Hotel, Limerick

Date : Saturday August 6th & Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Cost :  €150                     

No of Participants  : 12 -20

Why do we dream and what meaning do our dreams have? Carl Jung was of the opinion that dreams are the creative expression of the unconscious mind and while modern philosophies have different views on the interpretation of dreams, most psychologists agree with Jung ‘s theory that dream interpretation is something that can be of use in daily life.

Dreams are considered to have many functions; they can provide us with a tool for finding solutions to our problems or they may provide an opportunity to engage and communicate with the various characters that represent aspects of ourselves, like in a play. Dreams may be linked to a current situation that can be traced back to events in childhood or may present an aspect of ourselves that we have denied.

In this two-day experiential workshop we will explore the topic of dreams in the light of various theoretical concepts, providing participants with an opportunity for evaluation.  The various types of dreams will be explored and their usefulness demonstrated.  Participants will be provided with the opportunity to work with their own dreams and assist others in the dream interpretation process. Topics covered will not only evolve around the various types of dreams and their interpretation but also around sleep cycles, sleep patterns, sleep paralysis, dream recall and lucid dreaming.

Participants will learn :

  • To recognise the stages of sleep, sleep cycle, symptoms of sleep paralysis
  • To explore and apply the various theories of dreaming
  • To use deep relaxation techniques for self-exploration
  • To engage in dream interpretation for self and others
  • To work with dream symbols
  • To recognise the state of lucid dreaming
  • To apply methods of recalling dreams
  • To keep a dream journal

This workshop is open to the general public and to professionals engaged in psychotherapeutic work who wish to develop their work practices.